The Beer Drop: WarPigs Foggy Geezer

You know those annoying people who brag about being a fan of something before said something became cool? Well folks, allow me to be that annoying person this week as we feature WarPigs, the totally awesome collab between Danish gypsy brewery Mikkeller and Midwest icon 3 Floyds, for this week’s Beer Drop.

I’ve mentioned in an earlier post about a trip to Copenhagen in 2015, the culmination of which was a visit to the then-new WarPigs Brewpub in CPH’s up and coming Meatpacking District. I was immediately smitten with the place as it so eloquently blended the American and Danish styles in a welcoming, exciting environment. Also, they paired beer with some excellent barbecue which never hurts. Long story short, I enjoyed a couple o’ flights and felt obliged to cop a shirt to show people at beerfests back home how traveled of a beer drinker I am, thus becoming “that” person.

Needless to say, I was absolutely psyched when I heard WarPigs was going to start packaging their juice stateside, and even more so when I heard that Chicago was #blessed enough to be the first market. From the cool black cans to the juicy notes, these beers will have you begging for more – all while looking cool around your friends. The best of both worlds.

The WarPigs crew is busy rolling out more beers for you guys, but I had a few minutes to catch up with a fellow Shaun, WarPigs’ Regional Rep, for a few quick takes on the beer, collaboration and more:

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The Beer Drop: Prairie Artisan Ales Bomb! & Twist

This week we head down to the Sooner State with Prairie Artisan AlesThe good folks at Prairie are masters of the craft beer scene, and the two brews we’re fortunate to feature in the Beer Drop are a great showcase of their range. 

First up, Bomb!, an imperial stout that I’m willing to bet can go toe to toe with anything you find out there (RateBeer seems to agree, having made it on their top 100 beer list three years in a row). It’s big, bold, and absolutely delicious. And on the other end of the spectrum, there’s Twist, a slightly tart Farmhouse Ale. Twist pulls off an elevated take of this popular style to deliver just in time for the waning days of summer. 

I recently had a chance to catch up with Wes Morrison from Prairie to get to know this Great Plains staple a little bit better, so grab a drink and let’s go – cheers!

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The Beer Drop: Burnt City Artist As Alchemist

There’s a lot to love about the beer industry, but one of my favorite things is seeing the seemingly unlikely collaborations that pop up and turn out to be a match made in heaven. Case in point: this week’s Beer Drop from Burnt City – this delicious (and pound-able) Artist as Alchemist Golden Session IPA was brewed just for the new Gauguin Exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago.

I’m always intrigued by how these collaborations come to be, and was excited to chat with Ben Saller, who founded Burnt City in 2012 with his brother, John. Now their Head Brewer, Ben’s constantly working behind the scenes and exploring flavors to formulate new recipes that are an expression of every ingredient that goes into their beers. Ready to dive in? Let’s do it: 

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The Beer Drop: Ommegang Bend the Knee

With this week’s Beer Drop, Foxtrot and Brewery Ommegang are giving you a chance to leave your real world problems behind and dive straight into the mystical realm of Westeros. Whether you’re a Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, Rightful Heir to the Iron Throne, Rightful Queen of the Andals and First Men, Protector of the Seven Kingdoms, The Mother of Dragons, The Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, The Unburnt, The Breaker of Chains type of person or just a lowly Jon Snow, King of the North kinda guy, there’s a place for everyone with Bend the Knee Golden Ale, Ommegang and HBO’s latest collaborative release.

What’s hotter than Game of Thrones right now? I mean, last week’s episode – COME ON! Even if you’re in the small bucket of the population that doesn’t know what Greyscale is, you can still enjoy the story behind how this beer collaboration came to be, and – obviously – try some delicious beer.

Let’s get to it! Keep reading for my conversation with Doug Campbell, President and Director of Marketing at Brewery Ommegang, and don’t forget, Winter Is Here.

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The Beer Drop: LaGrow Organic IPA & Citra Blonde Ale

For this week’s Beer Drop, I have the pleasure of introducing the new and aptly named LaGrow Organic Beer Company! You read that right, organic beer. 

Organic beer is something I had never really thought about until I got to know the LaGrow brothers, who started the brewery a little over a year ago. In an industry known for it’s social and environmental awareness, I was surprised to find out that it was pretty rare to find a truly organic beer. 

The LaGrow brothers (c’mon, their last name could not possibly be more aligned with their mission) sought to change that, and are currently the only USDA Certified Organic brewery in all of Chicagoland. We were excited to get our hands on their Organic IPA and Organic Citra Blonde Ale this week, and I think you’ll find that the fresh, wholesome ingredients really shine – I especially love the unique composition and flavors of the Citra Blonde Ale – this thing has hit written all over it. 

I had a chance to catch up with the brothers – Jamie, Jack, and Sam – to dive into more about the brewery, the challenges and benefits around doing things the organic way, and what the future holds. So without further ado…

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