The Beer Drop: Short Fuse Purple Juice Cannon & Loosey Juicy


That’s what this week’s Beer Drop is all about with Short Fuse Brewing out of Schiller Park, Illinois. Though relatively new to the biz, this suburban brewery is becoming well-known for their juicy beers, including our features this week – the New England Style Hazy IPA appropriately dubbed Loosey Juicy, and their unique, limited release Purple Juice Cannon IPA brewed with Concord Grapes and Boysenberry.

Read on for my Q&A with Jay Cassel from the brewery, and the next time you’re stuck at O’Hare, be sure to check out Short Fuse at 5000 N River Road in Schiller Park!

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The Beer Drop: Finch Sungasm & Hardcore Chimera

I’ll be honest, when we originally planned to feature a beer called Sungasm to welcome Springtime to Chicago, I dreamt of something other than biting wind and freezing temperatures to accompany it. March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb, I guess?

I digress. Regardless of what Mother Nature has to throw at us, we’re still stoked to feature Chicago’s very own Finch Beer Co. for this week’s Beer Drop, and just in time for the (eventual) change of season. 

Read on as we catch up with Mike Jacobs, Head Brewer at Finch, to learn more about the brewery and this week’s featured brews, Sungasm and Hardcore Chimera! 

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The Beer Drop: Guinness 200th Anniversary Export Stout

It’s mid-March in Chicago, which means two things: 1.) Mother Nature can’t decide what season it is and 2.) it’s almost time for St. Patrick’s Day.

Being in or around Chicago my entire life, I always assumed everyone made March 17th as big of a deal as we did. Some people I’ve encountered from the Coasts or the South don’t get it, and I’ve told them if they just experience the dyeing of the Chicago River – or the madness of Clark Street – at least once, they’d see why.

To celebrate this year, we have the pleasure of featuring the brand synonymous with all things St. Patrick’s Day (and Ireland for that matter) – Guinness. Though we’ll of course be selling their famed Guinness Draught this weekend, we also got our hands on some of their 200th Anniversary Export Stout, brewed to commemorate the bicentennial of Guinness in the USA, for this week’s Beer Drop.

Read on for my Q&A with Jimmy Callahan, our local Guinness Brewery Ambassador, and be sure to pick up a sixer of this week’s beer so you can show up at those St. Patrick’s Day parties this weekend in style!

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The Beer Drop: Cigar City Guayabera & Jai Alai

You can oftentimes feel spoiled as a beer fan in Chicago – home to some of the best craft breweries in the country and seen as a target market for others, there’s really no shortage of the good stuff. However, due to factors like distribution, production, and regulation, we sometimes might miss out on some particularly special offerings.

Cigar City Brewing out of Tampa, Florida, was long one of those unicorns that you historically couldn’t find around here, but that all changed this month when they announced distribution to Chicago! We were fortunate to get in touch with the crew there to feature a pair of their beers for this week’s Beer Drop – the Guayabera Citra Pale Ale, and their flagship IPA, the Jai Alai.

Read on for my Q&A with Neil Callaghan, Cigar City’s El Lector (a.k.a. beer educator, knower of all things CCB, sales support, brewery spokesman, etc.), and don’t forget to grab a stogie to enjoy alongside these gems!

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March Coffee Special

The Foxtrot isn’t the only dance we know around here – swing by our in-house coffee bars all month long to get your matcha-cha-cha on with our March coffee special – the Matcha Latte! 🍵

Full of the good stuff (hi, antioxidants), we combine this finely ground, specially grown blend of green tea with milk for the perfect pick-me-up. Enjoy hot, iced, or with a shot of espresso if you need an extra kick. Find us in your neighborhood, and we’ll see you soon!