The Beer Drop: BuckleDown Mark of the Yeast

This week’s Beer Drop is comin’ atcha from our own backyard – though it was canned by BuckleDown Brewing in suburban Lyons, Illinois, who we featured last September, this week’s brew, Mark of the Yeast, happens to be a collab with Kuma’s Corner, the burger spot famous for both its love of meat and heavy metal. Since their West Loop spot is just a few blocks from our office, we popped over for a quick visit with our new pal Alexi Front, Kuma’s Beverage Director & Manager, to find out more about the beer!

Alexi has a long pedigree in the local beer business and specifically developed this beer with the folks at BuckleDown for use at the Kuma’s locations. Though not their first collaboration, it was such a fan favorite that they canned it for distribution (and can’t seem to make enough of it)! Lucky for you, we’ve got ya covered – pick up a pack tonight, and read on for our visit with Alexi: 

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The Beer Drop: Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout

The Beer Drop is heading back up to the Great Lakes State this week for a visit with Founders Brewing in Grand Rapids, Michigan! This Midwestern craft staple has been a force to be reckoned with for decades now, and acted as the cornerstone for the vibrant craft culture in Grand Rapids – if you haven’t paid a visit to this quaint city, I’d highly recommend planning a trip.

We’ve sold Founders beers for quite some time at Foxtrot, but have been holding off on a feature for just the right thing, and boy do we have that this week with their famed Kentucky Breakfast Stout. This very limited, barrel-aged release has long been sought after by hopheads around the world, so I’d recommend getting an early jump on this one. To complement the KBS, we’ve also got a trio of Founders favorites, including Rubaeus, Solid Gold and All-Day IPA, so go ahead and order up the whole lineup while you’re at it!

We got to catch up with our longtime Chicago craft beer pal and Founders go-to local guy, Paul Palumbo, for more on this week’s special feature, the brewery and then some, so let’s get to it: 

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The Beer Drop: Solemn Oath Punk Rock for Rich Kids

We solemnly swear that we’re up to no good on The Beer Drop this week with Solemn Oath Brewery from the lovely land of Naperville, IL.

(Was hoping to strike a chord with the Venn diagram overlap of Harry Potter + beer fans with that intro…how’d I do?) 

If you haven’t tried any of the goods from this western ‘burb staple, we have quite the introduction this week – the first ever cans of Punk Rock for Rich Kids Pale Ale, and evergreen hits like Snaggletooth Bandana IPA and Lü Kolsch.

We recently caught up with Whitney Krystof, Chicago Sales Manager at Solemn Oath, to dive into the beers, the history of brewery and more – grab a cold one and read on! Continue reading

The Beer Drop: Whiner Fur Letter Word

We’ve got a special one for all you hopheads this week as we’re celebrating the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of The Beer Drop! We figured who better to feature than our friends from the South Side who kicked it off with our very first feature last April, Whiner Beer Company.

We started The Beer Drop in an effort to bridge the gap between casual beer drinker and total beer snob by providing an opportunity to purchase a limited release beer each week both in-store at our shops and delivered via our app, while also sharing more about the people behind the beer. In the last year, we’ve featured dozens of breweries and interviewed dozens of founders, brewmasters, collaborators, and reps across the US and beyond. Telling the story of the intricacies and personalities behind the beers we’ve come to love has hands-down been the favorite part of my job. Never before have I seen an industry as collaborative and welcoming, and I believe the melting pot of personalities, motivations, priorities, methodology, and styles that make up the beer industry is strong enough to keep this trend alive and well for years to come – don’t call it a bubble!

So back to Whiner – in a city as renowned for it’s beer as Chicago is, Whiner has made a name for themselves with a commitment to doing things a little differently than their peers. This week’s feature is Fur Letter Word, a Bourbon Barrel-Aged Belgian-Style Dark Ale with Coffee. This unique concoction is a collaboration between Whiner and their fellow Plant neighbor – and one of Foxtrot’s coffee vendors – Four Letter Word Coffee. The collab doesn’t end with the beer though, as Whiner and Four Letter Word share a co-founder: the one and only Ria Neri. We caught up with her to chat about the beer, what Whiner and 4LW are up to, the industry as a whole, and more. 

Cheers to a year with you all, and here’s to many more to come! – Sean

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April Coffee Special

We’re bringing back an OG Foxtrot special this month: the Cafecito!

Espresso, a sprinkle of brown sugar + cinnamon, and steamed milk blended together for a subtly spicy latte that’s delicious hot or iced. We’re using brown sugar (vs cane sugar) this time to complement the espresso with some extra depth to the standard sweetness – great little pro tip to tuck away for the aspiring home baristas.

And if you’re a long time Cafecito drinker, try swapping out that dairy milk for a splash of creamy Oatly Oat Milk ☕️ – our staff favorite!