The Beer Drop: Unity Vibration Kombucha Beer

New week, a completely new type of brew! For this week’s Beer Drop we’re talking (and drinking) all things kombucha beer with Unity Vibration:

The husband-and-wife team behind Unity Vibration out of Ypsilanti, Michigan (pronounced Ip-Suh-Lan-Tee for all you non-Mitten-ers out there), first started brewing their own kombucha in 2007. Kombucha naturally produces a low ABV during its fermentation process, and once the Feds caught wind of its (very, very) slight booziness, began requiring producers to either tweak their recipes to lower the ABV or become full on breweries. Rather than compromising their craft to filter out the alcohol, Unity Vibration leaned into it – they became a microbrewery and began producing higher ABV offerings, pioneering what we enjoy today as kombucha beer.

But enough from me – I had the chance to connect with Unity Vibration co-founder Rachel Kanaan on all things kombucha, kombucha beer, and the path they took to bring a new category of beer to the masses – read on for the full Q&A!

Oh and PS – if you’re not about that gluten life and typically don’t drink beer, all of Unity Vibration’s offerings are naturally gluten-free! 

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The Beer Drop: Boulevard Saison Brett

There’s beer and bbq in the air – we’re heading to Boulevard Brewing Company in Kansas City for this week’s Beer Drop!

In the spotlight is their Saison Brett, a Dry-Hopped Farmhouse Ale with Brettanomyces. Only brewed every so often in small batches, this ale happens to be a funky take on one of their flagship brews, the Tank 7 (also making its debut on our menu this week).

To learn more about the beers and the traditions of this Midwestern craft house, I recently caught up with Jeremy ‘Noodles’ Danner, Boulevard’s Ambassador Brewer, for a quick conversation. Keep scrolling to read on! Cheers –

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Punch Drunk Rosé

Pack a punch at all those patio parties with these quick and easy batch cocktail hits, starring everyone’s favorite summertime libation: R O S É. Grab your biggest pitcher and let’s get (responsibly) punch drunk  💃😎

We were really feeling the sparkling rosé when we mixed these up, but if you have a go-to bottle you want to toss in, do it! These are just a few of our favorites to get you started:

Waterlemon Rosé Fizz

  • 1 bottle Hi! Sparkling Rosé
  • 1 bottle Simply Lemonade
  • 1 box GoodPop Popsicles – Watermelon Agave 
  • Strawberries + lemons for garnish (optional)

Don’t go easy on the rosé – use that full 750ml bottle for best taste (and more bubbles!). Top it off with one bottle 11.5oz Simply Lemonade for a kick of sweet, then add the ice to keep things chill. Last but certainly not least – serve with a Watermelon Agave GoodPop. For an extra pop of brightness, toss in cut up strawberries and lemons.

Pro tip for all these cocktails: don’t water down that flavor with regs ice – grab a bag of our long-lasting cubes, or snag an extra bottle of rosé to freeze up some cubes at home. 

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CocoBerry Rosé Punch

  • 1 bottle Gouguenheim Sparkling Rosé
  • 1 Vita Coco Coconut Water
  • 1 bag Frozen Mixed Berries

Everything tastes better in the summer if you’re drinking it out of a coconut, right? Get those same tropical vibes with this punch, minus the work of whacking open a bunch of coconuts…because you ain’t got time for that. Combine a bottle of Guggenheim with one 11.1oz Vita Coco Coconut Water, stir in those frozen berries (+ a little ice), and voila!

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Grapefruit Rosé Sparkler

  • 1 bottle Cleto Chiarli Rosé Brut
  • 1 Natalie’s Grapefruit Juice
  • 2 cut limes for garnish (optional)
  • Margarita Salt or Pure Cane Sugar (optional)

Tangy grapefruit + bubbly rosé = perfect for your next brunch. And even better? It only takes two simple steps! Pop and pour the chilled rosé, then top it off with a 16oz bottle of grapefruit juice. Garnish with a lime wedge, (and if you’re feeling extra) serve in salt + sugar rimmed glasses.

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The Beer Drop: Alarmist Le Jus

We’ve been waiting to get our hands on this one for a while, and it’s time to finally get JUICY. For the first time in cans, this week’s Beer Drop features Alarmist Brewing‘s highly regardedNew England-style IPA, Le Jus.

If you’re not familiar with what the folks at Alarmist are all about, then you’ve come to the right place. A quintessential hobbyist-turned-pro brewer story, they’ve created some awfully tasty stuff in their brewery on the Northwest side, so we’re pretty pleased they went pro, to say the least. Le Jus is a fantastic take on the incredibly popular NE IPA style, and their flagship Pantsless is easily going to become your next go-to pale ale.

I had the chance to catch up with Gary ‘The Gullster’ Gulley, Owner and Chief Alarmist, to hear more about their story, what took them so long to make Le Jus, and how they became Charlize Theron’s favorite brewery.* Read on below!

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The Beer Drop: Spiteful God Damn Maple Syrup Pigeon Porter


As their name implies, spite isn’t exactly in short supply with the folks at Spiteful Brewing, which is apparent from beer names like Go Fly A Kite Stout, If It’s Too Loud…You’re Too Old English Brown Ale, and the star of this week’s Beer Drop, God Damn Maple Syrup Pigeon Porter.

In reality, the crew behind the juice produces some serious beers – all while staying true to their roots and never taking themselves too seriously. As you’ll see from our conversation with Spiteful’s account manager extraordinaire, Calvin Fredrickson, this sense of humor plays a vital role in how they approach their craft. Read on for the scoop on the beers, the brewery’s humble beginnings, and more:

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