April Coffee Special

We’re bringing back an OG Foxtrot special this month: the Cafecito!

Espresso, a sprinkle of brown sugar + cinnamon, and steamed milk blended together for a subtly spicy latte that’s delicious hot or iced. We’re using brown sugar (vs cane sugar) this time to complement the espresso with some extra depth to the standard sweetness – great little pro tip to tuck away for the aspiring home baristas.

And if you’re a long time Cafecito drinker, try swapping out that dairy milk for a splash of creamy Oatly Oat Milk ☕️ – our staff favorite!

March Coffee Special

The Foxtrot isn’t the only dance we know around here – swing by our in-house coffee bars all month long to get your matcha-cha-cha on with our March coffee special – the Matcha Latte! 🍵

Full of the good stuff (hi, antioxidants), we combine this finely ground, specially grown blend of green tea with milk for the perfect pick-me-up. Enjoy hot, iced, or with a shot of espresso if you need an extra kick. Find us in your neighborhood, and we’ll see you soon!


January Coffee Special

New year, new coffee special!

Escape the tundra and bring the temps up a few digits with our Volcano Mocha – a dash of hot sauce and healthy dose of cinnamon blended with rich dark chocolate. Available at our coffee bars all month long – stay warm and we’ll see you soon! ☕️


December Coffee Special

We’re doing it big for the end of the year with not one, not two, but THREE specials for December!

To kick things off, we’re taking a spin on a winter classic with the Peppermint Mocha and Peppermint Hot Chocolate –

Both drinks feature rich dark chocolate, coupled with a hint of peppermint to bring out that oh so familiar holiday flavor, topped off with whipped cream (but feel free to ask for no whip!) and a smattering of real crushed peppermint. The Peppermint Mocha also includes our timeless Sleep Thief Espresso for that extra ⚡️. These two will be available at our coffee bar all month long!

The third is a little more exclusive, and will be available beginning December 15th through the end of the month: the Eggnog Latte! 

A traditional latte with the addition of everyone’s winter favorite, eggnog. The final extra touch? A dusting of clove to highlight all those flavors in every sip. 

November Coffee Special

Get salty with this month’s coffee bar special, the Salted Caramel Mocha!

Our unique Sleep Thief Espresso (roasted by our friends at Metric Coffee) gets steamed to perfection with delightful caramel and rich chocolate for the coziest way to ward off these dropping temps. Pairs well with your chunkiest pair of socks and a warm Little Goat scone. Enjoy one all month long at our in-house coffee bar! We’ll see you soon ☕️

How to Make French Press Coffee

Coffee coffee coffee. Until someone figures out a practical way to get that IV-ed through our system 24/7, ya still gotta make it yourself (unless you get it delivered, heyo). Instead of pouring those quality beans into a grimy coffeemaker that’s probably never been cleaned (you know it’s true…), retire Mr. Coffee and upgrade to a better cup of joe at home with a French press.

Sounds great, but how do you actually make a good cup of coffee with this weird little contraption? This has been an ongoing office debate, so our coffee guru, Spencer, is setting the record straight and sharing a no-brainer guide on how to actually brew coffee with a French press. You’re welcome.  

Coffee. For some it’s an occasional treat, for others it’s a very real necessity. Whichever camp you fall in, these fundamental truths will always apply: 

  1. There’s never such a thing as too much coffee.
  2. As Ewan McGregor’s character in Black Hawk Down says, “It’s all in the grind, Sizemore. Can’t be too fine, can’t be too coarse.”
  3. There’s a golden ratio for coffee brewing. 1 part coffee to 16 parts water. 

Got it? 👍🏼

The Grind

Knowing what grind to use for your coffee brew of choice is very(!) important – it’s one of two ways to alter the extraction of flavor correctly, and is the most important of the two factors varying from brew method to brew method. If you’ve ever made coffee with a French Press and thought the flavor was completely off, the grind would be your first suspect. Over extraction = bitter coffee.

For a French Press, you want your coffee to be ground quite a bit coarser than you would for a regular drip, like so:

The Coffee

The other important factor? The actual amount of coffee. A good starting point is approximately 2 tablespoons per 8oz serving.

1. Once you’ve measured out the correct amount of ground coffee, place it in the base of your French Press and begin to heat the water. You‘re looking for approximately 200° degree water – so the point just before it starts to boil.

2. Pour the water gently over the ground coffee, and stir slightly for about 4.5 minutes. For each additional 8oz serving, add an extra 30 seconds of stirring. 

3. Next, place the lid of the French Press on, but don’t plunge down yet – this will be the last step.

4. At 4.5 minutes, plunge the screen of the French Press down slowly, and voila – you’ve got coffee! 

That was easy, right? Now that you’re a French Press aficionado…grab your press, grind up some fresh beans, and keep that caffeine flowing!