Meet the Maker: Journeyman Distillery

Road trip! Join us for a jaunt down 94 to meet the fine folks at Journeyman Distillery in Three Oaks, Michigan –

While they’ve grown tremendously since they first opened their doors in 2011 as a small distillery + tasting room, their dedication to quality and excitement for The Adventure of Spirits has never wavered, and it shines through every drop.

Pour yourself a drink and grab a seat in our conversation with production manager Tom Balich – we learn what makes Journeyman different, the care and quality of their ingredients, their handmade process and more.

…and about that drink – shop our Journeyman Featherbone Bourbon, Foxtrot Single Barrel Selection here!


Meet the Maker: Metric Coffee Co.

But first, coffee let’s Meet the Maker.

Responsible for probably 90% of our daily productivity (☕️☕️☕️), Xavier Alexander is the co-founder of Chicago’s own Metric Coffee Co., and mastermind behind the beans brewed by yours truly. From humble beginnings (think empty garage with no money) to a full production warehouse space and a whirlwind of growth in the four years between, the quality that exudes from their coffee is a testament to the Metric team’s passion and resilience. Watch on to learn more about their roots and the antique coffee roaster that started it all, and stop by any of our cafes to taste the magic for yourself!



Meet the Maker: Pipeworks Brewing Co.

For our second edition of Meet the Maker, let’s have a drink with one of Chicago’s largest self-distributing craft beer companies – Pipeworks Brewing Co! Whether you’re a local beer hound or a casual drinker, it’s hard to deny the influence their unique and spirited approach has made on the beer community, with staples like Ninja vs Unicorn among a bevy of small batch, highly sought after one-and-done brews.

For more on everything from their Kickstarter roots to their creative process to plans for an upcoming brewpub, we met up with ‘the barrel guy,’ Mike Schallau, to get the scoop and a glimpse behind the scenes at their brewery. And pro tip: be sure to scroll to the end for a bonus mini meet of the Pdubs cats!

BONUS feature: Meet the Meows!

Meet the Maker: Paul Wayne

Welcome to Meet the Maker  – a new series exploring the stories of your favorite products at Foxtrot! In each feature, we’ll go behind the scenes and get to know the people, process and passion behind the brand.

To kick things off, we’re hitting the mixers with Paul Strabley, owner and head baker at Paul Wayne – home to that chocolate chip cookie, among other snacks and confections. Paul’s passion for his work shines through every item that leaves his Lakeview kitchen, with each treat’s ingredients handcrafted down to the smallest detail. We spent a morning there to learn more about his creative process, where he finds inspiration, and of course, bake all. the. cookies.

Without further ado, let’s meet Paul!