The Beer Drop: Duvel Single Fermented


In a land historically renowned for their beer, this Belgian “King of Beers” has been at it since 1871. In 1920, to celebrate the end of World War I, they debuted their now signature Belgian Golden Ale, originally dubbing it “Victory Ale.” Later, a local craftsman noted during a tasting that this new style was, “quite the devil,” or Duvel in Flemish language — and the name has stuck ever since. As you’ve probably gathered by now, this week’s Beer Drop is a nod to one of the world’s most storied breweries: Duvel Moortgat. (Pronounced Doovle – NOT Doovel. #details)

Duvel has been the measuring stick for Belgian beer and the international beer industry for generations, all the while staying at the forefront of innovation throughout that time. You know the tulip glass used so often as a vessel for your favorite brew? Well, they invented it to create a more complex drinking experience.

Even with all its tradition, this old guard isn’t afraid to adapt in the quickly changing beer world. Duvel has partnered with various craft breweries throughout the world, including past features Brewery Ommegang and Boulevard Brewing Company (to name a few), to create modern takes on their classic Belgian Ales.

This week, we celebrate the first can release of Duvel Single Fermented! Read on for my Q&A with Stuart Knight, Director of Import Marketing at Duvel USA, to learn more about this beer previously only available on draft, and how it compares with its older brother.

Before we jump to the beer, what’s your background? How did you get into craft beer?

I’m from England. We love beer! I grew up with good access to great Belgian beers. When I moved to the US I stumbled across Stone IPA and Pale Ale in my local market a long time ago and was hooked on US craft from that point on.

I worked for record labels (when such things still existed) in London and Los Angeles before moving into lifestyle marketing and event production. Eventually I landed in the world of great beer.

On Duvel Single

Tell us about Duvel Single:

Previously only available as a draft offering, Duvel Single Fermented has – for almost 10 years – proven to be a strong seller and consumer favorite in better beer bars and fine restaurants across the country. Brewed in Belgium with two-row summer malts and noble hops, then dry hopped with Citra, Duvel Single Fermented is crisp, beautifully balanced and remarkably refreshing. Its  striking black and red cans just hit the shelves of fine retailers nationwide this summer.

Hit us with the tasting notes:

Flavor: Dry and crisp with gentle, fruity Belgian yeast notes. Incredibly balanced, complex yet refreshing. Finishes smooth and clean with a touch of lingering sweetness.

Aroma: Soft citrus, honey-like malt sweetness. Subtle floral, spicy/herbal hops.

Appearance: Bright golden with pillowy white foam, steady stream of fine carbonation rising through the glass. 

Best served?

Always serve at 3 degrees centigrade/37 degrees Fahrenheit, and in our Duvel Single Fermented glassware.

What’s the difference between Duvel and Duvel Single?
Both Duvel and Duvel Single Fermented are brewed using the same ingredients (water, two-row summer malts, Saaz and Styrian Golding hops) but Duvel (“classic” in bottles) undergoes a secondary fermentation in the bottle while Duvel Single Fermented is dry hopped with Citra, cold filtered, and after 30 days of conditioning is packaged into kegs and (starting in June!) 4-pack cans. As a result of the different fermentation processes, Duvel has an ABV of 8.5%, and Duvel Single Fermented has an ABV of 6.8%. Two masterful beers from the same family. Familiar flavor and aroma characteristics, but clearly different.

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Thanks for sharing more about Duvel with us, Stuart! Time to grab those tulip glasses and pour up a Single 🍺

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