The Beer Drop: House Beer

There’s a new beer in town! And to say we’ve been waiting years for it is an understatement…

We enjoyed our first cans of House a few years back at a happy hour co-hosted with the crew at The Infatuation, and our team’s immediate reaction? We gotta get it. Unfortunately for us (and you), House was only available at the time in its hometown of Venice, CA. Fast forward to this summer, and we’re thrilled to finally introduce you to House Beer!

The goal is simple: make one beer and do it really well. Hence their modern-day, craft take on the classic American Lager. After officially launching in Chicago last week, we had the chance to catch up with brewery founder Brendan Sindell to learn more about their off-the-beaten-path beginnings, and what’s next in Chicago and beyond.

PS – We know the Beer Drop brews are typically super limited in stock, but not to worry…these cans won’t be leaving our shelves any time soon. 🍻

Tell us about House Beer! Tasting notes, best served?

House is an all grain international pale lager. It is light bodied, balanced and sessionable.

Best served at 42 degrees. We like to say House is a great complement to a meal, not a meal in itself. It is great with pizza and burgers. It will not crush your palate and its flavor profile is very refreshing.

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On House

How did you first get into craft beer? Were you in beer before starting House?

I first got into craft beer when I launched House in 2014. Before that, my only interaction was with drinking anything but craft beer!

House Brewing is pretty unique from others we’ve featured as you only make one beer. What’s the story there?

Yes, we are doing something a little different from the pack, but we believe being unique isn’t necessarily a bad thing – it allows us to stand out in the crowd. House Brewing Co was launched in 2014, after we believed there was something missing in the beer space – a high quality, yet highly sessionable beer with a new, fresh brand made for our generation. We wanted to combine what we felt was best from domestic beers – sessionability, and from craft beers – quality. We started selling out of the back of a van in Venice, CA., and here we are today!

Where’s the name from?

We named our beer House because we wanted to create our go-to beer. The “House Beer” at a brewery is typically the brewers “go-to” beer. The name is also approachable, easy to remember and not pretentious, which are a lot of the things we stand for.

How does your branding tie into everything?

Our brand is inspired by our home, Venice, and the culture behind it. We were inspired to create a clean and no gimmick brand – a modern classic. When you look in the beer aisle, which is a sea of madness with different colors, characters, names you cannot pronounce, and marketing gimmicks, we set out to create something that was sophisticated yet simple.

What finally prompted the distribution to Chicago? How does the city fit into your plans for House?

We felt it was a great time to come to Chicago and is one of the last cities in our plan. The people, food and culture are all great, and there is, what we believe to be a large number of our consumers, millennials, living, eating, working and playing in the city! In 5 years we hope to have a strong presence in Chicago amongst our fellow millennials.

How do you measure success at the brewery?

House is successful if we are trusted, valued and relevant with our customers! If we can deliver a high-quality lager at a fair price!

What do you want people to know about House?

We are a company run by millennials and for millennials. We have a by us, for us approach, which I believe in our category is not really being done by anyone. It is a true David vs. Goliath story.

Hot Hop Takes

Biggest beer pet peeve:

My biggest beer pet peeve is how many people look negatively at lagers. I believe they have inadvertently been given a bad rap because they are brewed by the Major Players. The reality is a lager is the hardest beer to make because any imperfection with the beer cannot be masked with a heavy dose of hops or malt. A good lager is also very expensive to make as it takes more time to do so than an ale.

Favorite brewery other than your own:

I have a lot of respect for Allagash Brewing Company. They make great beers, and I love their brand and marketing.

Favorite beer other than your own:

At this moment, I would have to say Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. It’s a classic.

Brendan – thank you for taking the time to chat with us, and for finally bringing House Beer to Chicago! It’s about time 😉. We know what we’re filling our coolers with this weekend.

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