Meet the Maker: Pipeworks Brewing Co.

For our second edition of Meet the Maker, let’s have a drink with one of Chicago’s largest self-distributing craft beer companies – Pipeworks Brewing Co! Whether you’re a local beer hound or a casual drinker, it’s hard to deny the influence their unique and spirited approach has made on the beer community, with staples like Ninja vs Unicorn among a bevy of small batch, highly sought after one-and-done brews.

For more on everything from their Kickstarter roots to their creative process to plans for an upcoming brewpub, we met up with ‘the barrel guy,’ Mike Schallau, to get the scoop and a glimpse behind the scenes at their brewery. And pro tip: be sure to scroll to the end for a bonus mini meet of the Pdubs cats!

BONUS feature: Meet the Meows!