There's a new beer in town! And to say we've been waiting years for it is an understatement... We enjoyed our first cans of House a few years back at a happy hour co-hosted with the crew at The Infatuation, and our team's immediate reaction? We gotta get it. Unfortunately for us (and you), House was only available at the time in its hometown of Venice, CA. Fast forward to this summer, and we're thrilled to finally introduce you to House Beer!

The goal is simple: make one beer and do it really well. Hence their modern-day, craft take on the classic American Lager. After officially launching in Chicago last week, we had the chance to catch up with brewery founder Brendan Sindell to learn more about their off-the-beaten-path beginnings, and what's next in Chicago and beyond.

PS - We know the Beer Drop brews are typically super limited in stock, but not to worry...these cans won't be leaving our shelves any time soon. 🍻