We're taking our first trip down to the Peach State for this week's Beer Drop! But rather than stone fruits, we're gettin' into more 'botanically' inspired ales with SweetWater Brewing - I believe the Venn diagram between the 420 and craft beer cultures has a pretty significant overlap, and apparently so do the folks at SweetWater, whose flagship 420 Extra Pale Ale has made them a household name in the Southeast and beyond. Now they’re taking it a step further with their brand new 420 Strain G13 IPA that packs a natural hemp flavor. Though it won’t make you feel like you’re exploring Amsterdam via space cakes, the homage and olfactory experience is unmistakable. Pick up some of this brand spankin’ new brew now, and read on for my Q&A with Dane Lewandowski, SweetWater's Illinois Market Manager, for more on this new 420 Strain series.