New week, a completely new type of brew! For this week's Beer Drop we're talking (and drinking) all things kombucha beer with Unity Vibration: The husband-and-wife team behind Unity Vibration out of Ypsilanti, Michigan (pronounced Ip-Suh-Lan-Tee for all you non-Mitten-ers out there), first started brewing their own kombucha in 2007. Kombucha naturally produces a low ABV during its fermentation process, and once the Feds caught wind of its (very, very) slight booziness, began requiring producers to either tweak their recipes to lower the ABV or become full on breweries. Rather than compromising their craft to filter out the alcohol, Unity Vibration leaned into it - they became a microbrewery and began producing higher ABV offerings, pioneering what we enjoy today as kombucha beer.

But enough from me - I had the chance to connect with Unity Vibration co-founder Rachel Kanaan on all things kombucha, kombucha beer, and the path they took to bring a new category of beer to the masses - read on for the full Q&A!

Oh and PS - if you're not about that gluten life and typically don't drink beer, all of Unity Vibration’s offerings are naturally gluten-free!