Beer & Seltzer

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Shower beers. Tailgate lagers. Midday tequila seltzer break. I-just-did-the-thing canned cocktails. Find your favorite 6-pack delivered, the party’s go-to 12 pack for pickup, and all the craft moments and sparkling low-cal seltzers in between.



For beer friends. Seltzers squads. Drinking buddies all around.

The beer and seltzer fridge is stocked for the party. We even have plenty of your city’s best craft beers for your cool friend in the corner.

When you shop alcohol delivery with us, you’re getting tailgate drinks, simple stoop sessions, and amazing craft moments all in one. That crowd-pleasing White Claw or Truly variety pack is on standby, plus the Freshie tequila seltzers, Half Past canned cocktails, and Juneshine hard kombuchas you didn’t know you loved as the night goes on. Domestic 12-racks are delivered in 30 minutes for game day, a 4-some of craft beers are available for pickup for Sunday funday, and even a variety of small-maker Non-Alc. brews are here for the weekday wind-down. Whatever beer or seltzer you’re knocking back tonight, get it for delivery or pickup.