Cheese & Charcuterie

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Cheese plates and charcuterie boards are a love language of ours. Which is why our menu of fine cheeses, fresh breads, delectable meats, and all the jams and accoutrement is vast and quality-driven. Plus it’s all at your door in as little as 30 minutes. Snag your favorite assortment of goods to create your own board, or get one of our house made charcuterie and cheese plates delivered.



Some cheese with that meat with that wine.

In an act of pure selfishness we made sure our cheese + meat store was fully loaded. Soft and hard cheeses range from international delicacies to locally-made winners that vary from market to market. And that fine cheese delivery wouldn’t be complete without fresh-baked breads and crackers. “Add to cart.” We also source handmade jams, spreads, jellies, and even honeycombs locally. As for charcuterie, every cured cut from spicy and smokey to salty and savory is represented.

Don’t have time to assemble your dream charcuterie board before guests arrived? All good. We make our own by hand and will deliver your cheese plate or charcuterie board in as little as 30 minutes.