Fresh Made Meals

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We concept and execute a variety of bowls, salads, sandwiches, entrees, and sides in our very own Kitchen—all made by hand. Think a hearty sandwich and chips for pickup during the work day, charcuterie delivery for Happy Hour, or a quick, easy, and on-demand meal for two when you don't feel like cooking.



From our team of Chefs to your door.

We pride ourselves on the local partners we source ingredients from. It’s farms, produce, meats, and cheeses we’d want to be eating ourselves inside our favorite restaurants. From there our Culinary Director takes the guesswork out of, “what do you want for dinner tonight?” and spins it into a variety of entrees to choose from.

And don’t worry, our Fresh Made Meals program includes bites from AM to PM. We build relationships with local bakeries and supplies in every market that we’re in, so your morning coffee-and-donut duo stays on point, and your afternoon sushi run is quick, easy, and delicious. Need to party prep in the midst of it? We have crowd-favorite charcuterie platters, guacamoles, handhelds, dips, and other sides that fit every palate—all delivered on demand