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For the sober, the sober curious, or those simply seeking an alternative way to enjoy the night, we do non-alcoholic beverage delivery better than most. That’s because we find the best sober cocktails, tasty 0% ABV beers, delicious non-alcoholic wines, and more. All for on-demand delivery or same-day pickup.



N/A is here to stay. The best non-alcs. are here.

If you take the category seriously then so does our Beverage Director. For a classic game day tailgate we swap in non-alcoholic beers like Visitor and Athletic Brewing Co for pickup. And at the end of the day, an elevated cocktail party deserves N/A spritzes from the likes of Ghia, Kin Euphorics, and De Soi. At the dinner party we’ll deliver delicious de-alcoholized wine from makers like Surely or Château de ISH. And for the nightcap how about some new-age botanical spirits, whiskeys, and sparkling teas—all devoid of alcohol.

It’s all the party without the proof. The spirit without the spirit. Find your new favorite non-alcoholic beverage for delivery here.