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The aisle everyone walks down but make it digital. Same-day pantry delivery comes in the clutch when your dish is missing your favorite small-batch seasoning or dressing. Even more common? When you’ve run out of that canned good, sauce, or the good olive oil before cooking. Restock on bread and coffee beans, get your late-night nut butter, always keep the pasta cupboard overflowing, and find every pantry need in between.



Have you ever met someone as serious about their pantry as we are?

We stock our pantry unnecessarily thoughtfully with the best makers. Because even the everyday essentials should spark joy. We know how important the last-minute need for Graza or Fishwife or Carbone is—so we dedicated half our business to delivering it. On-demand pantry goods separate a good supper with your favorite small-batch condiments and boutique spices from a lackluster one. It keeps yours breads, pastas, and canned goods stocked—as well as the occasional treat-yourself—so a delicious dinner by a quality maker is on hand anytime. We didn’t just create a pantry of our favorite spreads, olive oils, baking ingredients, condiments, and sauces—we organized your must-haves.