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We’re snackers at heart. Here is arguably our favorite section in the store: the one where you can get chips and dips delivered on-demand to the party, your favorite mixes and bars and snacks for pickup, or a little something for your sweet tooth from AM to PM.



Future-forward and downright delicious.

If you’re looking to get snacks delivery for the entire party, or a quick tide-me-over under $3 on your way to work, we have the best options for both. That’s because we painstakingly taste-test each chip, dip, trail mix, snack bar, salsa, cracker, puff, pretzel, popcorn, and hummus that comes across our table.

Some heritage brands you already know and love for that bite of familiarity. But we’re explorers, which is why we’ve sourced snack time from hundreds of new, local, small makers who think with the future (and our taste buds) in mind.