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We're kids in a candy store at heart. And now the candy store delivers. Part of our responsibility as your go-to sweets delivery is to make sure we're stocked with the fresh-made desserts, classic chocolate bars, gummybags, artisan candy makers, and emergency rolls of cookie dough you want.



Kids in a candy store, with adult money.

Same-day sweets delivery is one of the secret joys of this job. Because there's never a bad time for dessert, and dessert is joy. Rebrand us as the candy delivery app for all we care. Every gummy, fresh-baked good, chocolate, candy bar, and cookie passes through our team of Food People—all with the same penchant for finding what's delicious so we can curate the best. A well-timed sweets delivery can make or break a day, which is why from AM to PM we'll keep your sweet tooth satisfied.