Gift Card FAQs

You must have a Foxtrot account to redeem a gift card. If you do not have an account, you will be prompted to create one during the redemption process.
To use your gift card, you must first redeem it through the Foxtrot website or app. The value on the card will then be added to your account balance.
You can redeem your gift card online at foxtrotco.com/giftcard-redeem or during the checkout process in your Foxtrot app
In order to use a gift card, you will need to have a primary payment method set up on your Foxtrot account. In the instance that your order total exceeds the value of your gift card, we will charge the remaining balance to your primary payment method.
Your gift card can be applied to any online purchase (delivery or pickup) and retail transaction as long as you have redeemed the gift card and pay with the Foxtrot app.
As long as you have redeemed your gift card and pay with the Foxtrot app, the gift card value will automatically apply to your purchase.
Because gift cards are added to your Foxtrot account as account credit, It will be automatically applied to your purchases—both online and retail pay in-app—until you’ve used the full amount. No need to spend it all on one purchase.
Foxtrot offers physical paper gift cards in store and via delivery. Digital gift cards are sent via email. Both types of cards are redeemed in the same way.