How it works

Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered. Here’s the skinny on Offers and how you can make the most of them.

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Offers is our new program that features limited-time discounts, exclusive product releases, and more!

If you’re shopping online or in the app, you can find available offers in the Perks section. Offers will automatically be applied at checkout.

If you’re shopping in-store, products that are part of an offer will be clearly marked. Offers will automatically be applied at checkout if you pay using the Foxtrot app.

Each offer is different. If an offer does have an expiration date, we’ll clearly indicate that by displaying how many days are left to redeem that offer. You can learn more details about an offer’s availability by selecting it and reading the terms and conditions.

Offers that have a redemption limit will say so in the offer terms and conditions. If you reach the redemption limit on an offer it will be removed from your Offers feed and will not be applied at checkout.

You can use the Foxtrot app to pay in-store by tapping the “Scan to pay” button in the Perks section of the app. Next, just scan the QR code at checkout and then enjoy your purchase.

Perks is our rewards program. You can earn Perks by spending $100 in a month at Foxtrot when you shop online, in the app, or pay with the app while shopping in store.

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Earning Perks unlocks rewards like free coffee and delivery. You can find all the Perks we currently offer here.

Once you’ve spent $100 in a month, you’ll receive an email from us letting you know that you’ve unlocked Perks status. Your status will also be displayed in the Perks section on both the Foxtrot app and website.