Almond Butter & J

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This anytime meal bundle features a low-cal, low-sodium, just-as-delicious alternative to PB&J. Includes Justin's organic salmon butter, Bonne Maman's farm-fresh strawberry preserves, and Dave's Killer White Bread made with super grains.

Why You'll Love It:

Like the PB&J went to an Ivy League school but wasn't a jerk about it. Eyes-closed, we can barely tell the difference between almond and peanut: it's just as mild, sweet, and creamy as the classic. Bonne Maman gives it's signature European touch of farm-sourced strawberries in all their thick, tart, spreadable glory. And a quality sandwich calls for quality bread, and Dave's Killer Bread is the country's #1 favorite (no lies).

Perfect for:

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