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Authentic Asian Flavors

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These original pantry favorites are for the mindful eater who seeks flavors from global influences. If this is your mom, we want to be friends. Features flavors from Bachan's Japanese BBQ Sauce, Terry Ho's Yum Yum Sauce, Fly by Jing's Sichuan Chilli Crisp, and Momofuku's Soy Sauce.

Why You'll Love It:

Fun fact: the Bachan Japanese BBQ Sauce is inspired by the founders’ grandmother’s recipe, and “bachan” means “granny” in the language. Joining this zestiness is Fly by Jing’s viral Sichuan chili Crisp for a never-before-seen texture and umami kick that’s drizzle’able on literally everything. For protein nights, the whole fam will love Terry Ho’s original Yum Yum sauce, and for that real culinary influence for any and all applicable dishes, Momofuku dropped their original Soy Sauce onto our shelves to give mamma’s cooking a plus-up.