Avocado Roll

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Eight-piece avocado roll with brown rice, accompanied with soy sauce, wasabi, and ginger root. Made fresh daily.
You can't beat a classic. And sure, while it's eight pieces, it's still the perfect light, bright, and vegetal bite to enjoy on your mid-day break. Hell, we'll bust this out on the appetizer tray to switch things up!

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Milled Rice (water, milled rice, sugar, distilled vinegar, rice vinegar, salt, brown sugar), Brown Rice (water, brown rice, distilled vinegar, rice vinegar, honey, salt), Avocado, Honey Ginger (ginger, water, salt, honey, sugar, vinegar, citric acid, malic acid), Green Mustard (water, horse-radish, mustard, corn flour, spirulina), Soy Sauce (water, wheat, soybean, salt, alcohol), Seaweed. Contains: Soy, Wheat.

Preparation Instructions

Perishable. Keep Refrigerated. Consume on same date of purchase.