Bang Bang Vegetarian Southern Tomato Pot Pie

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A Southern-inspired tomato mountain in all its cheesy, garlicky, onion'y glory goodness. That right, glory goodness. This is a vegetarian savory pie option that shouldn’t be missed!
We have nothing but praise for our friends at Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits, and this is just icing on the cake. Flaky pastry crust, the perf' proportion of spices to fillings, all in a vegetarian heat-and-eat package? This is supper made easy tonight (and tomorrow... and the night after that... and the--).

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Bang Bang Pie
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Bang Bang Pie

It's safe to say that Bang Bang has placed itself as one of the most famous bakeries in Chicago. Pot pies, biscuits, confectionary goods, and more emerge from a Midwestern tradition of cooking, serving up their unique brand of hospitality and decadence.

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