Up & Comers Finalist

Bawi Lime Sparkling Agua Fresca

$2.99  ·  12.5 oz
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30 min delivery · 5 min pickup

Up & Comers Classic Product Reimagined Finalist. Lime agua fresca with a zesty burst of citrus that’s light, flavorful, and crisp. Tastes like the first sip of summer, without a cloud in the sky.

This one got a lot of shout outs behind the scenes— a staff favorite, if you will. Juicy and so refreshing. Co-Founder Victor states: “As a first-generation Mexican immigrant, my native food & beverage culture played a huge part in my life. I've always noticed Mexican branded CPG products that poorly represented the diversity Mexican cuisine has to offer.” Together with his Co-Founder and friend, Jordan, they created Bawi - the perfect combination of carbonation and traditional Mexican recipes.

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