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Best Bubs - Rubber Ducky Bath Bomb

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Our very own, single-use foaming bath bomb blend of clean extracts and essential oils. Starring mango butter, orange, grapefruit, peppermint, and bergamot. Drop into a hot bath and rub-a-dub with a best bub.

Why You'll Love It:

Your bath should do more than relieve your body. It should energize it; it should invigorate the senses and effortlessly cleanse your skin. That’s why Rubber Ducky’s signature blend uses antioxidant-rich mango to soften skin, and fragrant peppermint and citrus to uplift your sensations. So whether this is how you’re starting your Monday or prepping a weekend, Rubber Ducky is as essential to your bath time as, well, your rubber ducky.

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