Big Fat Cookie Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip + Rainbow Sprinkles

$5.99  ·  6 oz
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6 oz Peanut butter chocolate chip dough {milk and semi sweet chocolates} + Reese’s peanut butter cups and rainbow sprinkles inside

Why You'll Love It:

Slice a few of these up for a party and we promise you'll win the potluck. "big. fat. cookie" packs as much flavor as it does creativity with layering indulgence after indulgence in a crisp 6 oz cookie, this one featuring gooey peanut butter, chocolate chip dough, and colorful sprinkles.

Perfect for:

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Big Fat Cookie
About the brand:

Big Fat Cookie

Chicago born and baked Big.fat.cookies are made in very small batches with the greatest attention to every single detail, from individually hand forming each cookie to adding individual chocolate chips to make sure the finished product looks perfect.

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