Boheme - Notting Hill Candle

$39.99  $49.99  ·  8.5 oz
running legs

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All-natural, handmade, three-tiered candle "inspired by the Bohème Woman". Top: earl grey tea, bergamot, black currant. Middle: honeysuckle, rose, carnation, peony. Base: vetiver, moss, amber, cedarwood. Burns for 50 hours.

Why You'll Love It:

This candle takes you with the Bohème Woman to a Saturday on Portobello Road. Glide through the markets of fresh fares from local growers to the Kensington Gardens. There your senses are enveloped with its peonies and honeysuckle, a cup of earl grey in hand, listening to the birdsongs floating from the tree mosses and carnations.