Brooklyn Candle Sevilla

$38.00  ·  13 oz

Eco-friendly, soy wax candle with top notes of orange and petitgrain, middle notes of neroli and rosebud, and base notes of tonka and amber. Burntime = 50hrs.

Why You'll Love It:

Inspired by the hazy, halcyon summers spent in Calle Betis in Sevilla, Spain, this candle exudes an intoxicating scent of orange blossom and incense. It's like we're in the cobblestone alleyways ourselves, hearing the flamenco guitars, laughing over tapas with friends.

Perfect for:

Brooklyn Candle Studio
About the brand:

Brooklyn Candle Studio

Founded on the best ingredients, minimalist design, and captivating scents, BCS has been out here since 2013 hand-pouring vegan, eco-friendly elegance for us all!

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