Brooklyn Candle Studio - Toasted Pumpkin

$28.00  ·  13 oz

Eco-friendly, soy wax candle with notes of nutmeg and cinnamon on the top, pumpkin spice and clove in the middle, and cardamom at the base. Burntime = 50hrs.

Why You'll Love It:

She's baaaack, and Brooklyn Candle Studio knows how to say "Fall" with a swirling symphony warm bark, baking spices, and toasted pumpkin seeds. Plus it's travel friendly, so you can make any space feel like home.

Perfect for:

Brooklyn Candle Studio
About the brand:

Brooklyn Candle Studio

Founded on the best ingredients, minimalist design, and captivating scents, BCS has been out here since 2013 hand-pouring vegan, eco-friendly elegance for us all!

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