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Burrata Chopped Salad

$11.99  ·  11 oz
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Our take on Caprese but in salad form—made with burrata, tomato, cured salami, gem lettuce, chopped giardiniera, garbanzos, herbs, red peppers, tomato, and roasted garlic vinaigrette. Made with locally-sourced ingredients. burrata, tomato, cured salami, gem lettuce, chopped giardinera, garbanzos, herbs, red peppers, tomato and roasted garlic vinaigrette.

The herby, creamy, Italian cheesy-meatiness of it all! This makes eating healthy 0% difficult with the inclusion of fresh burrata and salami. And when paired with the earthy crunch of garbanzo and the sweet vegetal heat of the red peppers and garlic vinaigrette, this is straight-up restaurant-worthy.

Perfect for:

PatioDoing as little dishes as possibleUpping my pantry game

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