Carol's Cookie Sampler

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A sampler pack of Carol's Cookies, handmade with love here in Chicago. Package Includes one each of: - Chocolate Chip Cookie - Peanut Butter Chocolate Combo - Toffee Crunch Cookie

Why You'll Love It:

You can’t talk about Chicago confectionaries without mentioning the giant cookie-maker, Carol. Since 1990 she’s been a legendary gourmand and pioneer of all things cookie! We figured you should just hit the whole trio for a perfect medley of golden and crispy outsides and buttery, doughy insides.
Carol's Cookies
About the brand:

Carol's Cookies

All natural, handmade, and gourmet: what more can you want from a cookie? For 35 years Carol's been at it with the best ingredients and max indulgence, while also making regular donations/being a board member for local charities, foundations, and schools.

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