Chicken Curry & Rice

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Feeding the fam tonight? The friend group? Have a solo hankering for Indian-style food with leftovers for days? Make weeknight supper easy and bundled in one with Freebird's succulent free-range chicken simmered in Big Tree's flavorful Coco Aminos. Dress in Maya Kaimal's authentically-made madras curry, and serve it on a fluffy bed of real jasmine rice from Dynasty.

Why You'll Love It:

We get into Indian food for a myriad of reasons, but namely the flavors, ingredients, and cooking methods are quite simply better than most. And this bundle satisfies those hankerings in an easy-to-assemble way. Enjoy this kit as is or add your own spin (did someone say poached apricots? or tandoori marinade for that chicken in coco aminos?).

Perfect for:

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