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Chicken & Noodle Soup

$6.00  ·  16 oz
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Our own homemade Chicken & Noodle Soup made with house-roasted chicken, onions, carrots, celery, fresh ginger & turmeric, bone broth, and fettuccini noodles. Made fresh daily, and arrives room temp.

Why You'll Love It:

From conquering colds to making normally-bland ingredients play deliciously well together, consider this our love letter to Chicken & Noodle Soup. The aroma on its own is enough to penetrate the stuffiest of noses with notes of chopped herbs and slow-roasted chicken (plus antioxidants for days with ginger and turmeric). Bone broth adds nutrients and a thicker mouthfeel, while still being the perfect vehicle for tender chunks of meat, fresh veg', and chewy noods. This is the tradition made gourmet and easily loveable.

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