Chiki Chiki Boom Boom - Classic Punch + Lemon

$3.25  ·  16 oz
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A plant-based punch inspired by an ancient Ecuadorian recipe made from floral and herbal superfoods. Contains alkaline water, lemon, and Chiki's own organic antioxidant blend. Chiki Chiki Boom Boom is a product of Ecuador and a minority-owned business enterprise.

Why You'll Love It:

"For every time you drink this, you live one day longer.” So is the legend of the ancient beverage born in Vilcabamba, Ecuador (The Valley of Longevity). And founders Andres Izquieta & Juan Jaramillo wanted to recreate the centuries-old herbal and floral mix for the 21st century by combining healthy tradition with modern energy. The result is downright delicious, a celebration in a bottle, and emblematic of true Latin culture. We're unsure if it's extending our lifespan, but it's addicting enough to keep trying.