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Chimichurri Short Rib Fajita Bowl

$12.99  ·  17.5 oz
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30 min delivery · 5 min pickup

Our fajita bowl starts and ends with short rib barbacoa that we braise daily, followed by a medley of grilled bell peppers, knob onion and corn, black beans, white rice, cilantro, and a dousing of our own red chimichurri. Made fresh daily. Arrives cool with heating instructions.

Why You'll Love It:

You can reach for the tortillas if you want, but the second you crack open the lid the aroma alone will make you reach for a fork instead. And we support you just digging in. We are. Especially on these cooler days, we love a roasted, basted, hearty dish of fall-off-the-bone short rib. And all of the local veg, homemade sauce, and rice is simply to help fill the cracks in your bones as you warm up around the table.

Perfect for:

Doing as little dishes as possible


short rib barbacoa, grilled bell peppers, knob onions and corn, black beans, white rice, cilantro, red chimichurri

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