Dose for Immunity

$4.00  ·  2 oz

Dose for immuntiy helps kick your immune system into high gear with a natural Vitamin C boost from amla and acerola with delicious hits of ginger, lemon and elderberry. Highly potent (10x) elderberry extract works alongside 1150mg of vitamin C-rich amla, acerola and lemon to support your body’s natural defenses every day.

Why You'll Love It:

Remember, better immunity is a practice: wash your hands, exercise, and take a Dose. One shot is equal to 20 shots of lemon juice, or 20g of dry elderberries, or 9 dietary gummies, or 60g of fresh ginger. Sure, get your immunity boost from those methods if you want, but Dose oughta make it faster, easier, and less expensive.