Fernet Branca

$34.99  ·  750 ml
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Bitter with a complex aroma and flavor rich with cardamom, gentian and peppermint. There are many fernets but there is only one Fernet-Branca. Crafted in Milan by the eponymous herbalist in 1845, this popular amaro was originally marketed as a cure-all and continues to persist in bartender lore as such.

Why You'll Love It:

So many ways to enjoy. "A Bartender's Handshake" is a shot of Fernet-Branca; a Toronto mixes the digestif with Rye whiskey, and Argentinians consume 75% of the world's Fernet-Branca, prefferably with a splash of Coke (a stand-by hangover cure).
  • StyleLiquors/Cordials
  • LocationItaly
  • ABV40%