Up & Comers Finalist

FFUPs - Grocery Store Cheddar

$4.99  ·  4.0 oz
running legs

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Up & Comers Just Damn Good Finalist. FFUPs are not a health-food, they're just really good. The snack puffs also come in a variety of fun flavors for the moments when you want to indulge. This here is a classic flavor. Simple and reliable, this is exactly what a cheese puff should taste like. Nothing artisanal or weird. Just salt, cheese and good times.

Why You'll Love It:

Founder Sam Tichnor knows that being radically honest about being not-healthy is contrary to the conventional better-for-you snack trend. It appears we've come full circle and it is once again a subversive gesture to offer a snack puff that is unapologetically NOT a health-food. FFUPs are craveable snacks that we couldn’t stop eating, and we like how they’re not trying to be something they’re not.