Fishwife - Smoked Salmon

$11.99  ·  3.5 oz
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30 min delivery · 5 min pickup

Hand-packed smoked salmon responsibly raised in Norway. 100% traceable from egg to tin, these salmon morsels are smoked in small batches over beech, maple, and birch wood, and hand-packed in Washington. Brined in EVOO, sea salt, garlic salt, and brown sugar.

We can't believe these delectable, flakey slices of smoky-sweet seafood are actually nutritious and healthy for us. The taste is simply too rich and crave-worthy for that to be true, but we'll trust the women over at Fishwife. They haven't let us down yet, bringing some serious TLC to our diets in the form of elevated, healthy seafood since 2020.

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