Flama d'Or Cava Brut

Price is $11.99.
750 ml
Flama d'Or Cava Brut

Flama d'Or Cava Brut

Price is $11.99.
750 ml
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Made using the Champagne method and aged for two years, don’t let this Spanish Cava’s $ price point fool you - this bottle drinks like a $$$, with a vivacious mouthfeel and persistent fruity finish of apple, pear and citrus. Ideal as a pre-dinner drink, brunch bottle or any celebration that calls for a toast. Spain NV | 11.5% ABV
  • Location

    Catolina, ES

  • Vintage


  • Variety


  • ABV


  • Sweetness


  • Body


Winemaking Style

Second fermentation in the bottle, aged for a minimum of 14 mo.

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