Folk Machine ‘BYOB’ California Red Blend

$39.00  ·  3 L
Ripe cherry, stewed strawberries and cracked black pepper.

Why You'll Love It:

Boxed wine freakin' rocks! People don't realize that once you open a bottle of wine you have about 24hrs to finish it. Enter Folk Machine to bring quality, shelf-stableness, and quality (3 liters) to the party! Skeptical? We carry Folk Machine in bottles, so give those a try first.

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  • LocationCalifornia
  • Vintage2020
  • VarietyRed Blend
  • ABV13%
  • SweetnessDry
  • BodyFull
  • Winemaking StyleSustainable farming, native fermentation, not filtered, aged in stainless steel for 4 months