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Foxtrot x Bang Bang Pie - Cookie Dough Half Pie

$17.99  ·  1 Half Pie
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A Foxtrot x Bang Bang collab made with vanilla, milk chocolate, brown sugar, sprinkles, and caramel. Made fresh using entirely local ingredients and a whole ton of love for pie!

Why You'll Love It:

And what a tasty collab it is! So soft, so moist, so worthy of sharing with the gang for an extra sweet dessert. In the wide world of what you can do with a pie, this is one of the softest, most indulgently moist slices you'll find.

Perfect for:

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Bang Bang Pie
About the brand:

Bang Bang Pie

It's safe to say that Bang Bang has placed itself as one of the most famous bakeries in Chicago. Pot pies, biscuits, confectionary goods, and more emerge from a Midwestern tradition of cooking, serving up their unique brand of hospitality and decadence.

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