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Foxtrot x Big Kids - Ham & Cheese Sandwich

$8.00  ·  1 Sandwich
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60 min delivery · 5 min pickup

A mealtime collab with up-and-coming Chicago sandwich shop, Big Kids, inspired upon a fancier version of our childhood ham-and-cheese. Made with cured Serrano ham, watercress lettuce, and a special whipped brie smear and pepper jelly engineered by the Chefs at Big Kids just for this sandwich. All atop a fresh-baked Mindy's Bakery bialy.

The cure for hangovers and hankerings got a gourmet facelift, and it's packaged in a 90's-inspired flavor wave of childlike food exploration with a Chef sensibility. And lots of brie. Big Kids co-owner Ryan Pfeiffer helped us uplevel this anytime-sando with local ingredients, better taste, and staying horizontal on days where you "just can't" in mind. And if "you can," congrats, you've got a really good, really savory sandwich coming at you in 30 minutes.

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