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Foxtrot x The Violet Hour Kentucky Straight Bourbon

$0.00  ·  750 ml
Together with the expertise of The Violet Hour and our own passion for bold, new tastes, we’ve crafted a special edition Kentucky straight bourbon. Aged over four years at Green River Distillery in Owensboro KY, we selected 10 barrels of bourbon to fashion our own, unique blend. Throughout our tasting, we both looked for a whiskey that was not only sensational straight from the bottle but could hold its own in a one-of-kind cocktail created by our Violet Hour friends in Chicago. Some things are better when you get your drinking buddies involved, this is one them.
With notes of vanilla and caramel, profiled in an orange marmalade, this smooth sip was aged four years in American Oak barrels. Bottled in bond, this is something we made special for our polished bourbon lovers.

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  • StyleBourbon
  • LocationChicago, IL
  • ABV50%