Goose Island - 312 Summer Shandy 15pk

$0.00  ·  15 - 12 oz cans

Lemonade Shandy brewed in Chicago, IL.

The Shandy Man can because he mixes beer with lemons and makes the summer taste good! We're happy there's 15 of these because literally everyone's going to want a try of Goose Island's latest, addictive creation.

Perfect for:

PartyPatioSunday Funday
  • StyleWheat
  • LocationChicago, IL
  • ABV4.2%
Goose Island Brewing Company
About the brand:

Goose Island Brewing Company

Guided by respect to history & tradition in their innovative brewing, Goose Island has since become a worldwide name. From 1988 to now, Goose Island furthermore continues to give back through job education, community engagement, & cultural enrichment.

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