Gummy Me

$11.99  ·  1 bundle
running legs

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A diversity of mmm-worthy sweetness from old favorites and newcomers alike, featuring Smart Sweets' Sourmelon Bites, Behave's low-cal Gummy Bears, our own mix of Blue in the Face Gummies, and Haribo's tried-and-true.

Why You'll Love It:

There's a kid in all of us, and they're loving this bundle for you. You can't think "nostalgia" or "candy" without thinking about Haribo's crowd-pleasing assortment. And once you're done indulging in that classic, our new-school pals at Behave and Smart Sweets have crated fruity, chewy, and 100% guilt-free gummy candies of their own to keep this bliss-out going. Share with the party... or don't... yeah, don't.

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