Hiyo - Peach Mango

$4.00  ·  12 oz
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A stress-relieving social tonic mindfully crafted with natural adaptogens, nootropics, and functional botanicals. Made from ashwagandha to help regulate cortisol levels, lion's mane to support mental clarity, I-theanine to brighten mood, cordyceps for a natural energy boost, anti-inflammatory ginger and turmeric, and real peach and mango for a tropical flavor.

Why You'll Love It:

Did you read that superhero lineup of ingredients? It's not just a non-alcoholic bev; it's a better-than-alcoholic bev that twists sweet peach over smooth mango to help you enjoy the moment. Combine that flavor over the pleasant texture of microbubbles and it's the ultimate form of cocktail hour.

Perfect for:

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