Hobo Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel

$0.00  ·  750 ml
Dried cherries, pipe tobacco and leather.
The zing to this Zinf comes from the dramatic temperature swings in the vineyard where this is harvested, creating incredibly complex wines without the price tags of other Sonoma regions the Rockpile Vineyard looks over. Sustainably farmed and made by folks who care for the marriage of craft and agriculture, this is an honest California wine.

Perfect for:

Conversation StarterDinnerOccasions
  • LocationDry Creek Valley, CA
  • Vintage2017
  • VarietyZinfandel
  • ABV13.1%
  • SweetnessDry
  • BodyFull
  • Winemaking StyleSustainable, native fermantation, 16 months in French puncheon